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You're bored. It's two in the morning. You still don't want to go to bed. Time to read fanfiction.

What the shit is this fuck? Bumblebee impregnating Optimus Prime? Winnie the Pooh finds Jesus? Care Bears BSDM gangbanging? Cheesus fuck!

But all is not lost. Someone out there feels your pain, and they have acted on it by tearing this... masterpiece apart for what it is: a pile of horseshit.

Such is the MST3K treatment. I enjoy the hell out of those things when they're done well (Ahh, the FanFicFri of old...), and I still would even if it was one of my stories on the roasting table. Why? Three reasons:

A) They can be absolutely hilarious.
2) I would feel honored if someone was moved enough by something I wrote to mock the piss out of it. It means the story stood out.
III) It tells me what not to do in the future, so it's often a form of constructive criticism. Or deconstructive criticism, as the case is.

There's a reason trolls are allowed on the Island and the Strait, as long as they're skillful.

So! I invite everyone reading this to pick a story of mine that you hate and make fun of it. Since you can go anon, you can worry even less that it's going to do something to our friendship if you're frank with me. The more amusing, the better. Dig up as much Old Shame as you please. You could do it in this thread, or start a new one; just make sure you mention in the title if it's a NSFW one you're doing.
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