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File 163582281854.jpg - (24.69KB , 550x275 , open.jpg )
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Neonchan. Open 24/7.

File 162872270438.jpg - (507.52KB , 1031x867 , 1628081809690.jpg )
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Baka! is online again!

Come have fun and act retarded.

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File 162795392975.png - (94.20KB , 866x1024 , Baka!.png )
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New board just dropped!

Come have fun and act retarded.
Get rare GETs while you can.

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File 144710969053.jpg - (86.24KB , 753x672 , Zarchy_Markle.jpg )
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Thanks for creating this page, um, Jazz! I am very grateful that you put this up here.

Um, also, I was wondering if you could go over where I should post things again? I know it's over at the the other OFF Fangame page back on wikia, but perhaps a go-over on this one would be helpful as well.
The biggest reason I ask is because I'm a complete newbie at this stuff and am wondering how to get started on building a fangame of my own. Where would be a good place to put my questions?
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>> No. 33
While those are problematic as well; what I am actually talking about is all the rather strong negative emotions.
Often with only their side of an issue, something that tends to be colored by said emotions to begin with and as such their reliability is questionable. Thanks to it being in my nature, I generally feel the need to say something in order to help out in some way. Unfortunately, I find that aiming to speak to people over the problem hardly ever gets so much as a response. I do not know the true reason behind it but it's either that they do not even want help (despite coming off as if they expect such or even out right ask for some) or I come off as extraordinarily creepy.
It just becomes so stressful, almost like why should I bother trying anymore if everything I try to do amounts to barely any effect, if there is any at all. They're so stagnant, they don't flow at all, there is no growth. If there is any growth, they do not ever speak of it so then I'm left just worrying over something I should know better about. Except that, against my better judgement, I still aim to try something. I want to give up though, I really do. Ehh, enough about that. On to something better.

Hah hah, well then. I hope I didn't just gloom up the atmosphere over here with my ridiculousness. I'm not the greatest at being gentle or at being very welcoming, but I do try hard to be something of that nature since everyone needs a something like that every now and then.

[Fill in loud exclamation of positive reaction here], that is super cool of you! Most of the time when I get actual critique of the variety that seeks to tell one what needs to be fixed or added to or things of that nature people often leave out telling me if they like how it is going in general (as in it's concept and such things) and any highlights they like or other stuff of that sort. And if they did there wasn't much of a balance on the subject. Plus, if you can find problems in my stuff that I hadn't myself, that makes this work even better.
(Also, tis true that often people do not get the whole "things other than drawings are art" because there is never really
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>> No. 34
Again, thank you so much for your understanding ways and other such things, it truly means a lot to me. I know I can be a bit on the difficult to understand side as I stumble a lot in my talking, often only having sudden and rather spaced out spurts of moments when I can explain myself in a better accuracy than normal and even that can be a bit clutzy. I really, really do appreciate that you can manage to take some time for me and my lack of eloquence.
>> No. 35
Ah! Sorry I misunderstood. I think I've had some similar experiences if I'm understanding you correctly now, and, well, unfortunately, when it comes to that there's not much you can do. It's possible your good intentions are being misunderstood (a shame), but if it's that they don't *really* want help, but to writhe in their problems or wallow in emotional stillness (which may well be the case), it's not your fault or responsibility. (Very important; you may wish you could have done more, or think you should have, but it is nigh impossible to help people who don't want to help themselves.) Hard as it is, I've found at that point that it's better to keep distance at least, since there's no point in throwing your own health at someone it'll just bounce off of. (In addition, if the situation isn't that bad, maybe they just need space? So giving them some actually will be helpful.)

Even if it should seem to be about all your friends that this happens with, my advice is the same. While there may even be reasons for their responses (or lack thereof), it's best to take care of yourself first, as it's hard to take care of others when you're not granting yourself the same help. It's difficult to know if you should continue or stop trying with that person, and I don't know enough details to give you the best advice (which you don't need to share with me if you don't want to), but I will say, don't give up entirely, and don't burn out your good will on people who don't want it. There may someday be a person who needs it, and you may change their life.

To be charitable, adding in positive notes doesn't seem to occur to most people, even though it really can make a critique more effective and balanced. I'm not sure why; it's not as if the positives will gloss over the negatives.

lawl, "doodle games". Good one. Games are on a weird boundary when it comes to art, especially considering there's sort of a point at which they stop being games and start being more like interactive novels. (I'm not really sure why we don't categorize more s
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File 142655661377.png - (324.64KB , 949x534 , bad ooi.png )
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Exactly what it says on the tin. It'd be fun and all for personified USS boats with state names to have the personalities of those states - but only natives can know what those personalities would really be.

So throw in your state, according to these simple criteria:

-You must have been born and raised in this state, or have lived in it long enough to comprehend an accurate cross section of how people from there behave, or the general state of the weather, or other such features. We want to avoid state stereotypes - unless they turn out to be true.
-Aside from avoiding stereotypes, that is important because you need an intimate relationship with your state to know what elements stick out most strongly in your mind; bonus points if they seem to be unique features of the state, like that stupid "Colorado Connection" thing newscasters from there do, desperately trying to make Colorado relevant and failing miserably. This feature would translate into the USS Colorado going to great lengths to include herself in any event, whether she was actually there or not.
-As an example of the above in action, the Colorado might say: "I'm the only battleship of my class to survive the attack on Pearl Harbor untouched." This is technically true, but misleading, as she was nowhere near Pearl Harbor at the time. This personality quirk lends a nifty dimension to the boat, and it only came from accurate observation of the ways of the state.
-To that end, you must provide concrete examples of the traits you name to the best of your ability.
-Including physical features that would translate well into a person is also good.
-If you happen to know enough about the boat to weave traits from it in, even better. (Since there may exist multiple boats with a given state name, know that we're focused on WWII-era boats. Hence why the Colorado in question is the Big 7 battleship.)
-Even if a state has been mentioned upthread, if you have something to add or a different take on the state, please don't hesitate.
-Not comfortable connecting your nick to your state? Go anon.

So, that could only loosely be called a "list&quo
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File 142095308325.png - (772.58KB , 768x432 , latest.png )
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Two young twins stay at their great-uncle's house/tourist trap business for the summer, encounter crazy paranormal shit. Also this illuminati triangle guy from the dollar bill is in there somewhere. Highly recommended.
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>> No. 20
How does it stack against Regular Show, if you've seen that? I'll probably watch GF someday, but I'm curious how they compare since they have "crazy paranormal shit" in common and no one has answered this question yet.

Granted, Regular Show's approach is no doubt very different... Maybe a comparison is void of meaning.
>> No. 21

I've never seen Regular Show but I've only heard good things about it. Apparently the creators of both shows are friends and have worked together before, actually.
>> No. 22
Cool. That makes a lot of sense.

I've heard nothing but good about GF, so as soon as I'm able I'll look into eet

File 142007411435.png - (11.97KB , 300x200 , tacoisland.png )
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Now... We try again with baby steps. Probably I don't need to rebuild the boards for this...
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>> No. 15
>> No. 16
File 142047932711.jpg - (19.93KB , 214x317 , python.jpg )

Created by nature

Redesigned by man

Forgotten by semicolons
>> No. 17
That is the best

File 142007385531.png - (55.31KB , 1056x463 , wings2.png )
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Please don't be broken
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File 142007391686.png - (38.23KB , 1600x1200 , white.png )
Phew. Okay. Obviously, this check box will not work. But here goes.

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