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File 156158743684.jpg - (419.42KB , 825x1387 , 1p_leviathan_jkt.jpg )
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Leviathan is the story of a whale. A whale whatever-some stories high. A whale that doubles as, or, more accurately, is, an enormous living zeppelin.

Specifically, Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld, is the story of two young people whose lives lead them to meet around this whale.

We begin with Aleksandr of Hohenberg, the only son of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and too-common wife Sophie of the Hapsburgs. (Did I mention Leviathan takes place in an alternate universe 1914? Because that's kind of important.) When the historical worst comes to pass, he is forced to leave home under cover of night in an awesome, (diesel?)-run, hulking contraption of an alt-1910's Austrian-issue vehicle known as a Stormwalker. (Did that sentence have enough words? I think it could use more words.)

We soon meet Deryn Sharp, a commonly-common commoner fresh off the streets of Glasgow and ready to serve the country that owns her country to escape from a stifling home life and be where she has always wanted to live: the sky. Problem: in the less aware 1910s, women are not allowed to serve in the military. Solution: ask your older brother who's in the Air Force to help you pretend to be a boy and sign on too!

Leaving home around the same time, these two will go on a series of amazing adventures around the Northern hemisphere, meeting interesting historical figures and, like giant enemy crabs before them, sustaining massive damage along the way. There will be Thrills! Spills! Chills! Epic scenes of wonderment! Talking genetically-engineered animals! Animated statues! and More!
>> No. 17

Leviathan is actually the first book of a trilogy. The others are Behemoth and Goliath. Do not read the inner flap of Goliath (and trust me, you want hardbacks) if you abhor on-book spoilers.

If you enjoy any of the following:

  • Reading
  • Alternate histories
  • World War I stories
  • Amazing artwork (not the cover, ignore the crappy garbage covers with the models who don't even look like the characters)
  • Cool-ass machines
  • Cleverness
  • Bioengineered monstrosities
  • Gruff tomboy heroes
  • Ass-kicking not-tomboy heroes*
  • Badass, albeit naive, princes
  • Bloodthirsty, albeit naive, midshipmen
  • Adding useful words and phrases to your vocabulary
  • The work of Scott Westerfeld
  • Steampunk

Then absolutely read the entire series! And even if you're not sure, I have to heartily recommend giving the first book a look anyway, and see what you think.

If you are a FUNLESS CURMUDGEON, then there is a teeny tiny chance that you might find these books a waste of time. But if that's the case, I'm not sure how you ended up here in the first place. Are you lost?

(*I am given to understand the original Hero from whom we get the word was, in fact, female, so I apply it gender-neutrally as you see here.)

File 142111411249.png - (449.19KB , 658x602 , compoundcrest.png )
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All right... Let's kick this place off with a Misconceptions thread! Some of us came across spoilers and hurriedly tried to avert our virgin eyes; this sort of event can cause highly inaccurate assumptions of what comes next, as I shall soon prove. And some of us, as we waited for the next books, probably concocted the wildest continuations in our desperate thirst for more. Let us all share these misguided ideas, and perhaps lulz and a crackfic or two could ensue. Everybody wins! ...Except the people who would do well to avoid spoilers.

When I first came into Leviathan and learned to my great annoyance that there were sequels I didn't yet have access to, I nonetheless couldn't resist the call to dip my toes into the fandom. Accidentally I came across some pictures, some colored, from Behemoth on barking-spiders.

Naturally it was a bit late to fully remedy the situation, as I'd already absorbed some key clues. There was a sultan - one with a magnificent statue behind him. There was another great machine, which I could not quite make out in my hurry to scroll past. And, most interestingly, there was a girl leaning very close to Deryn, the latter of whom looked startled.

In the flicker of a moment that my eyes darted across this, I had failed to see the kiss itself - but my mind, tirelessly working against my wishes as it is wont to do, pieced together what it considered a reasonable guesstimate of what would occur. Completely lacking the knowledge of where Ottoman daughters of Ottoman sultans are placed and otherwise forgetting how life works, my mind reasoned that this mystery girl must be this exact person. She must have taken a shine to "Dylan" at some point where our heroes were in the sultan's palace, and as royalty may, decided she possessed some kind of right to the delicious foreign soldier.

"Father, ask the British emissary if I may keep the pet Scotsman!"

And I must admit, I was so looking forward to the ensuing political disaster that the true identity of the alleged Ottoman royalty was a squick of a letdown. By then I'd already envisioned Deryn having no choice but to show the girl proof
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File 142553361739.png - (111.47KB , 500x500 , yanderyn.png )
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Hm... On the one hand I'm really enraptured by my ludicrous word pun, and also convinced that Deryn is a level of possessiveness away from being a real yandere. (Our Deryn is of course too reasonable to become a yandere, buuuuut...)

On the other hand, I do not want to annoy the fandom with my clarty pun.

Solution: Post the Yanderyn set here, where is is relevant and findable but no one in the fandom will ever see it!

On the nonexistent chance it comes up, this shall be the general thread for Deryn loving Alek more than is healthy for them both, so it doesn't leak anywhere else. Remember: Real yanderes are real scary, and they are only fun or cute (kek) in fiction.
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File 142553405161.png - (114.62KB , 500x500 , yanderyn6.png )
>> No. 10
File 142553408113.png - (113.32KB , 500x500 , yanderyn8.png )
>> No. 11
File 142553417083.png - (115.09KB , 500x500 , yanderyn12.png )
Which is essentially her initial reaction to Lilit.

And technically that's it! The remaining ones are more outlandish.

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