Taco Strait

The pictoral sibling of Taco Island.

FAQ? #

Who needs a FAQ? In seriousness, there don't seem to be any questions on the horizon. So I will invent one: explain the boards! (Wait, that's more of a command than a question...)

/p/ - Jackie Attempts to Draw #

A repository for draw things that aren't really meant for posting on The Thornbush or tumblr, such as concepts and particularly crappy doodles. Or complete nonsense I can't justify putting anywhere else. All sorted into threads by series. (As a fun bonus, you can request 1-hour mouse doodles of any sort in the Hour-Time thread, and I might do them!)

/c/ - Coffeehouse #

Meant for discussion of stories that won't have threads on Taco Island (i.e., the completed ones, or ones posted on The Thornbush or tumblr). So, if you've got something to say, speak up; I'd love to know what you think. Any drawings or stories I have in turn inspired you to make go here too. Please don't be shy! I'll always be honored. Images are not required to make a post here.

/e/ - Everything Else-else #

For stuff that doesn't go in any other boards

/l/ - Leviathan General #

Unlike the Isle, I'm not going to have a board for each fandom - but seeing as Leviathan's a tiny fandom that could use its own chan hub, this is a special case. All fans of Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld are welcome to congregate here and do what they want.

/lv/ - Scandalous Leviathan Pictures #

That is, Leviathan porn. Drawn Leviathan porn. Please?

This sort of board needs a few more words than most. Stories and general pertaining sexy talk dock here too, but until such time as this fandom has a [dis]respectable amount of 34, they must be escorted by at least one illustration at the outset; it needn't necessarily be relevant, it just needs to be explicit. Uglies *snerk* must visibly bump something. I will wield an iron fist over this. WE TAKE OUR PORN SERIOUSLY HERE IN THE AIRWHALE DOCK.

We should try to keep it commonplace in here, though I've heard some talk, as the meme goes... No, actually, never mind the meem, because it seemed like a clever idea at the time, but it also carries a bad implication. The hidden board is a place of Delinquency, not evil illegal clart. So, new clue, though it's easier to get. Una fiesta de un mechaniks. Derive the key phrase from that ungrammatical nonsense and you can find the hidden Leviathan WTFery board.

/xl/ - Leviathan Crossovers #

Y'know, so /l/ doesn't fill up with Batters of Hohenberg and numbered doctors.

/wb/ - Beasts of War #

For that watever-it-is I made where the animals can assume human forms; y'know, the Mogeko style stuff, like the Leviathan-Behemoth ask blog. If it's related to all that, it goes in here.

/og/ - OFF (Game) #

General OFF Discussion so it doesn't leak into other boards. Theories and anything that doesn't go in the other boards go here.

/of/ - OFF Fangames #

Discuss and post updates to OFF fangames here. Please, one thread per game. You are allowed to start threads to discuss games even if you did not create them, but DO NOT impersonate the game creator.

Also, although this is already somewhat covered by the Rules, DO NOT spread lies about game creators or otherwise use this board to shame, smear and harass them (or anybody) over ridiculous personal vendettas; aside from that being a shitty thing to do, this board's about the games, not the people who made them. Not saying you will, just figured I'd preempt that out of the starting gate.

/oar/ - OFF Art #

Art is a word which here means "art", which means "includes but is not only drawings". Post all non-game OFF fanworks in here. Impurities are allowed, but please mark NSFW images accordingly and put (NSFW) in the thread/post title, in accordance with the Rules.

You might also describe the contents if said contents may be troublesome or shocking, or if doing so would be a spoiler for your work, say something like "It is possible that certain elements in this [work] are shocking to an unwarned public." as a substitute to let people know they should advance with caution. (I guess maybe I should put that in the rules, it's a general point...)

/mg/ - Mortis Ghost #

Because I can. Discuss other Mortis Ghost works (or even those of co-creator ACC) here, if you so choose.

/twp/ - The Wrong Place #

A remnant of the original purpose of this chan. Dead now, but feel free to still use it for Infinitypedia goings-on.

/upload/ - ...Uploads #

Please nothing illegal.