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File 141887942439.png - (178.04KB , 1155x1320 , minotaur.png )
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No tablet. One hour only. Final Destination. The pic is what you can reasonably expect. If I take up a request, I will note the time when I have begun drawing and post the pic at the end of the hour.

A few things:

-The post drawing was supposed to be done in thirty minutes, but it ended up never being enough time even with extensions. And that's not at all a perfect Minotaur. So, the simpler the request until my skillz grow mad, the better for both of us.
-Despite what I just said, NSFW requests are fine. Just please don't expect it to be sexy.
-Please allow me to subtract time for unavoidable breaks.
-Refs would be very kind if you know I don't know the property or character.
-As I am the drawer and these are requests I reserve the right to ignore any request, but please note I will probably not do that if the request does not personally disturb me. Or isn't in a hated fandom of mine.

File 161408527072.jpg - (248.74KB , 1440x900 , ukmynhtt.jpg )
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File 161075898240.jpg - (19.57KB , 329x493 , d1919d0728eee7965e831c10d01921bf.jpg )
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One More ChanImageBoard
Beta test



File 160809980192.jpg - (247.63KB , 1440x900 , njfuwdbh.jpg )
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File 160675098939.jpg - (212.70KB , 960x1280 , awdefdcefr.jpg )
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File 142439234446.png - (194.57KB , 1185x749 , you gon' get cuddled.png )
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Bet you thought I was gonna establish this place and then never, ever post, again. Not the case! Warm-up/test-run drawing flood time!

This happened because I can't leave well enough alone. Fortunately my eyes are on a different unlikely crossover pairing...
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File 142439267824.png - (899.75KB , 774x1124 , pink elephant0.png )
Always appear when someone's had a little much, though the tales of their exploits (often being ahead of the times) are rarely believed. If the imbiber is lucky, they can be gentle, even amusing entities, but should they not be so inclined, they invariably become the incarnation of malevolence.
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File 142439279843.png - (358.14KB , 798x1190 , Imbalance.png )
Not enough to ship a ship and a ship, oh no! That unholy union has brought together a ship and a ship-eating monster. At least they remain unnatural enemies.

It is the very fact that sticking these two together makes sense only to my Pinky-esque brain that allowed me to draw this and the other of these two so easily. Ironic? Not really; it's freeing to think I don't need to impress anyone to the absolute best of my ability with this clart.

edit: Oh yeah I forgot dis part

Protip: what we are seeing in the Behemoth's mouth is not his teeth. We are seeing clear to the back of the throat and you can generally assume this is the case whever his mouth is slightly open.
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