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File 141887942439.png - (178.04KB , 1155x1320 , minotaur.png )
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No tablet. One hour only. Final Destination. The pic is what you can reasonably expect. If I take up a request, I will note the time when I have begun drawing and post the pic at the end of the hour.

A few things:

-The post drawing was supposed to be done in thirty minutes, but it ended up never being enough time even with extensions. And that's not at all a perfect Minotaur. So, the simpler the request until my skillz grow mad, the better for both of us.
-Despite what I just said, NSFW requests are fine. Just please don't expect it to be sexy.
-Please allow me to subtract time for unavoidable breaks.
-Refs would be very kind if you know I don't know the property or character.
-As I am the drawer and these are requests I reserve the right to ignore any request, but please note I will probably not do that if the request does not personally disturb me. Or isn't in a hated fandom of mine.

File 163523427291.jpg - (205.23KB , 1152x720 , defhdhhgf.jpg )
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vi de o pi c :


File 163424397516.jpg - (254.80KB , 1440x900 , ykittytr.jpg )
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vi deo pi c :


File 163182527397.jpg - (203.30KB , 1152x720 , rthtyf.jpg )
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v i d e o g i r l s


File 163022962034.jpg - (606.95KB , 1920x1080 , fegfrd.jpg )
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v i d e o g i r l s :


File 163012971940.jpg - (199.18KB , 1152x720 , sdgdfgdf.jpg )
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v i d e o g i r l s :


File 163006338688.jpg - (262.98KB , 1440x900 , ghjkgh.jpg )
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c p v i d e o g i r l s :

b y r l . m e / u 9 v oLVR

File 162952767792.jpg - (264.37KB , 1440x900 , sdfsfsd.jpg )
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File 162901926198.jpg - (272.95KB , 1440x900 , evgftrrgf.jpg )
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File 162760608350.jpg - (259.58KB , 1440x900 , dfgdghdf.jpg )
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