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File 142898994186.png - (205.11KB , 782x987 , illogicalship.png )
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Ah, took me long enough to make Lovecraft power a small village in his grave. But I had to. What thousand-foot long big-mouthed deep sea eel can have a hint of horror remaining in it after I've run it through Mogeko filters AND had Cthulhu himself spank it?

With that in mind...


An old tunicate rested on a rock on the outskirts of the deep city. She had seen quite a bit go in and out of its limits, only one of which she hoped never to see again.

And it was striding right towards her.

The tunicate rolled down her hood, flattening against her chosen rock. "INCOMING!!" she shrieked, the city's early warning system.

As widespread and coordinated as a ripple of water, the city clamped down at the sound of her voice. Waterways cleared, shops and shells closed, all well in advance of the enormous beast that had come to call.

"Yes, fear me," announced the Behemoth non-chalantly, like a bored town crier, "for I am the incarnation of Death in its purest form. All pray when their sight includes my aspect, and none lies away from my reach."
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