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For the sake of giving another board at least one topic. By way of example, if I did more with Unreasonable Behavior (the OFF crossover that should have stayed cosplay), it would have its own thread - but there are myriad smaller (and one big) crossover ideas I have. Some of them maybe funny. All of them bad.

If you had an idea for a Leviathan crossover that is just too ridiculous or implausible to make work, so you didn't bother to even try, here's where you can tell the world about it anyway. Don't be shy, this is the point of the board! Bonus points for trying to make it work even if all that results is blether with a closed-off internal logic loop! Oh, and it would be nice if you included any background we might need to comprehend the combination.

-Leviathan + Wilfred: Volger's not married, Barlow's not married (probably a widow), and he has a vague-but-growing interest in perhaps changing her name. The obstacle to this is Tazza, who is slowly turning Volger's life into a living hell. Next thing you know those two'll rob a bank together. Did I mention that Tazza, to Volger only as it seems, is a man in a thylacine costume? Because that's kind of important. (Wilfred is a weird show, don't watch it. That's why man-thylacine.)
-Leviathan + Five Nights at Freddy's: "You and your barking precious machines! Now they're going to kill us!" "Yes, because I'm personally responsible for constructing these devil-spawn."
-Leviathan + Looney Tunes: Deryn v.s. a gremlin! Hoh-hoh-hoh! Is comedic brilliance! No, wait! Alek and Dylan can't be late to work one more time, but life will not let them sleep! Yes! Everyone loves reduxes of our favorite old cartoons!
-Leviathan + Kantai Collection (Technically pictured): Gee willikers! Those gijinkas I made of the Leviathan and Behemoth are actually going over well! And I sure do loves me some Clanker tech! So you know what would be a good idea? Going on to WWII, and adding BOAT PEOPLE, because one of the key differences between Darwinism and Machinism sure wasn't that animals have autonomy while machines don't! Throw in Alek and Deryn as g
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